BLW is making me go ARGH!

Discussion in 'Weaning' started by Mrs Wibbily, May 23, 2013.

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    May 24, 2012
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    Finn has been BLW since 5 and a half months and at first no worries he was doing brill and I thought yeah most of it is bound to go on the floor, so it didn't bother me! Now however he is 7 and a half months and he continues to throw everything all over and then screams for food, so tonight I have spoon fed him a huge portion of home made cottage pie which he loved, I did five him the opportunity to BLW first with it, but he just smeared it all over and got really cross and started screaming, the moment I started feeding him he was wolfing it down! I also then gave him a small bowl of custard which he walloped down too! That is the most he has EVER eaten and he was so much more contented baby after tea and through getting ready for bed!

    What am I doing wrong with BLW?! I know it sounds a bit rubbish, but I have been doing BLW because I have such a hectic time at meal times with the other kids that it was ideal for giving me the opportunity to enjoy meal times but it's slowly going out of the window! Tonight is the first time I have spoon fed him because i was justsick of him screaming at. The table! Will I need to stick with this now to ensure he's eating enough?EVERY meal time he is screaming at me for food even though it's in front of him!

    I have a feeling he may be going through a growth spurt or just coming out off leap because yesterday he started clapping and purposely putting things where they should go on one of his toys (he's so clever)! I'm feeling a bit lost with it all, he is constantly breast feeding too which I don't mind but is this because he isn't getting enough at meal times when eating solids?

    Help me!

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    If you Google BLW there is an actual website and it has a dedicated forum so maybe you could sign up and ask there.

    James is about a month into BLW and he has gone from trying everything to refusing most things?? They do say babies go through fits and starts with BLW and the key is just to persevere.

    I am very demotivated with it at the moment as I am cooking for James and he's refused steak, omelette, scrambled eggs, pasta etc.. (we eat at proper weird times so it's not practical for him to just have our food)

    I am going to carry on though as the thought of pureeing is even worse than the waste and demotivation of my current situation :shock:

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    I think a lot of babies go through fits and starts with BLW. I've been lucky that Ethan eats everything put infront of him, apart from when he's poorly.
    Could you try spoonfeeding the main meal and then giving him something to feed himself for pudding? He may be getting frustrated that he can't feed himself quickly enough when he's hungry iykwim?

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    Wow, see my baby refuses to be spoon fed either we have sword fighting if i give him a spoon, grabbing my spoon and flinging it or screaming if i get something in his mouth. SO maybe you could combi feed on it try both. I have to do BLW because he hates being fed.

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