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bleeding around the sack


Nov 30, 2007
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hi everyone.
im now 10 weeks pregnant and really could do with some answers if anyone could please help me.
I was sent for a scan a few days ago and was told that there was 7mm of blood completely surrounding the sack. No one at the hospital could tell me why this happens or the risks that come with it.
There was a heartbeat present so baby was fine then.
Does anyone know what causes this bleeding and if the rest of the pregnancy can be ok...... thank you
What I know is that it's not something goog, but also something not to worry about it. It may just take off later on.

If it was something serious, I think they would have told you.

Hi there,

When I was pregnant with my Son I had this and was told I could either loose my baby or have a heavy bleed, but all turned out to be fine!! Please stay calm and look after yourself
It's most likely a sub-chorionic haemorrhage which is nothing to worry about. I had one at 6 weeks when I had an early scan for some bleeding and went on to bleed more on a few other occasions but really.. don't worry. It's outside of the sack so the baby is ok and your body is likely to dispell the blood through a small bleed or just re-absorb it back.

http://mummy2be.wordpress.com/2007/07/1 ... ance-scan/

Hopefully that might put your mind at rest? :)
I agree with DebbieM, ive had bleeds on and off up untill about 21 weeks (so far so good at the moment) when i was 7 weeks they could see blood around the sac but could see heartbeat and baby was fine.

Please try not to worry, i know that when woman bleed through pregnancy it sets alarm bells ringing but i can honestly say from my own experience that its does not always end up with a negative ending.

Stay positive and rest as much as you can!!

T xx
when i had a scan at 6 weeks they saw a bleed too, they just said it will re absorb into my body and not to worry, when i went back at 8 weeks the bleed had gone, where too i,ve no idea. im now 17 weeks so dont worry

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