Had my early scan


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Apr 1, 2010
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It was ok. There was a sack and baby is measuring 1.4mm putting me at 5-6 weeks not 6-7 as the Dr thought, so no heartbeat visable yet. Going back in 2 weeks for a re-scan to see the heartbeat.

Good thing is there is something there. So I was getting my bfps well early!
Glad all is ok and I hope the next 2 weeks go quickly for you and you can see how much the little one has grown!
Thats great, hoe the next 2 weeks fly by for you. I have my early scan on Friday. Did you get to keep a copy of your scan ? xxx
happy all is looking good for you xxxxxx
So glad everything is ok honey x x
Thank you for your replies ladies.

No I didnt get a copy of the scan.

I have had some pinky cm since the scan which I am assuming is possibly just a little bit of irritation on my cervix. I am keeping on with the PMA.
yayyyy Mrs B - that's great news, yes and PMA all the way for you ....
Aww thats fantastic news MrsB, hope the next couple of weeks fly by for you xx
Thanks. Feeling very sicky today so happy about that. I cant wait to go to the next scan and see what my grain of rice has grown to and see the heartbeat.

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