Bleeding again!!


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Jul 30, 2008
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Hi Guys,

Well after my stomach pains post on Sunday I started bleeding again on Sunday night and again on Monday morning. After being at the hospital last Sunday for the same reason I decided I should go back so spent all day in A&E! Was in so much pain I couldnt actually move! Listened to babys heartbeat and everything was fine. Went for a scan and finally found the cause of the problem! Underneath baby there is a sack of blood! It has a tear in it so thats where the bleeding is coming from! Midwife said nothing to worry about either it will just absorb or Ill keep bleeding till its all gone but got a check up scan in 2 weeks! At least I get to see baby more often I spose! Just glad I know whats causing it now coz Ive been going through so much worry! I can not believe how much bigger the baby has got in 6 days! Its mad! Gonna try and put my pics on here soon :) First time I have actually heard babys heartbeat aswell! At least Im past my 12 weeks now so I can relax a little bit!

I am so glad everything is ok. You must have been very scared.

Take care and look forward to seeing your pics :hug:
I'm so glad everything is ok :hug: It must have been so scary for you :hug: :hug:
Aww Nikki, I'm glad you got that checked out - must have been so scary for you :hug: At least you get to have lots of lovely scans! :)

C xxx
Thanks guys! Now hopefully I can look forward to moving to Tri 2 on Sunday!! :)

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