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bleeding again, advice please!!!!


Aug 19, 2007
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hi, i am 9 weeks and 2 days gone today.

at 6 weeks and 2 days i got my self in a huge panic as i started to get some brown coloured discharge, tears flowed and ended up going to epu for an early sono 4 days later, they found a heartbeat and reassured me everything was ok, but did say the baby was slightly for for my dates. after that i felt great, no worries then until this week, at 8 weeks and 6 days i started to bleed again, this time was more red, but again not a lot, only when i wiped, now 4 days later it is still happening, but was slightly more this morning with tiny tiny clots.
this now has calmed again and gone brownish.

i am experianing no pains really, just vague feeling which i kind of would expect.

my bowel movements have been all over the place.

i don`t know what to think, as the bleeding is not a huge amount, and i do keep reading that if a heartbeat has been found previously then the chances of miscarriage are slim.

has anyone had this, or similar, or does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening????
Did you have sex recently? It might be your cervix is sensitive and bled a little. I also heard of some women who bleed a little after having a BM.

But I would definitely call the doctor (NHS Direct maybe?) and ask them for advice or maybe another scan. I really hope everything is all right, all the best to you. :hug:
yeah we did on the wed and the bleeding started on the thurs evening, didn`t think it would have been that, as it has gone on for so long!!!
I know alot of women have some sort of bleeding or discharge in pregnancy and alot of the time it is nothing to worry about and they go on to have healthy babies. However, as we all know, sometimes bleeding can mean something very serious. I have had some brown discharge a couple of times during this pregnancy and it is very scary, especially as I have miscaried in the past. I spoke to my midwife about it and she said not to worry unless it turns to bright red and/or there is pain there aswell, and told me that if that happened to get in touch with her immediatly.

I really would advise you to speak to your midwife asap, or phone the emergancy doctors or something like that.

It is probably nothing serious but it needs checking out, even if it is just for your peace of mind.
I have had the saem on simiar dates. The first time i didn;t do anythng (denail is a great thing haha), this time i have been booked in for a scan by the midwife (tomorrow mornign).

call you midwife, professional reassurance always helps.

hi thank you all for your reply`s, unfortunatly it is not good news, bleeding got alot worse tonight and ended up at a + e, whilst up there i miscarried, so it is all over for now, never mind everything happens for a reason, we`ll try again!!!!
I was so upset to read this. I'm so sorry xx

Take Care and i send you lots of :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
Very sorry to hear this :( You are in my thoughts :(
thank you all for you lovely messages of support, it means alot, we`ll have another chance i`m sure xxxxx
so sorry for your loss. My m/c was around the same time (9wks),. If you need a talk, PM me im always about xxx take care xx merry christmas :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

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