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Bio - or NON-Bio washing powder...


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Aug 29, 2007
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What is the best type of washing powder/tab etc to use for baby clothes.

At the mo, I use Bold, 2 in 1, but I hear that Comfort is better/softer/ less irritating for baby's skin....

So what .. bio or non-bio do I use?

Sorry, am I being a bit thick :oops:

I use Fairy at the mo - but used tesco own brand non-bio with my daughter and it was fine.

Whatever brand, non-bio is best :hug:
i use non bio and will do for the baby prob go for fairy as i love it :)
manda xx
Yep, def non-bio. I'll be going for Fairy too :D
I plan to use fairy non bio washing powder and sometimes add some napisan to the wash if and when needed. xxx
damn - I keep meaning to switch but forgot :lol:

will buy non bio when this lot has ran out - people have said they like fairy so I might try that.
I am currently using the fairy non-bio liquitabs and they are great - smell yummy!!

For fabric conditioner I am using the comfort concentrated one, once that runs out I will buy the fairy concentrated fabric conditioner :D
I've used Fairy for years and won't change for anything. I'll be sure to keep using it once baby is here.
i use ecover non-bio powder.

wouldn't ever use anything else!!

:) :)
Non-bio here, but not a brand-tart! ;)

Just use whichever is cheapest at the time.
Currently use bio (Persil colour tabs) for our clothes but will be switching to non-bio when Connie arrives. We use Comfort Pure fabric conditioner anyway so won't need to change that.

SO many things to think about! :roll:

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