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Best Sleep tips..need help to get some sleep


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Sep 16, 2006
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Dylan has always been demand fed and is a very light sleeper.

he still is waking on a anormal night at least 3 times a night on a bad night at least every hour.

I moved him to his won room hoping he would sleep better but it doesn't work any better, i do feed him if i think he is hungry otherwise i just give him a cuddle to help him get back to sleep and only go in if he is crying not grumbling.

now he is over eight months old i don't want to do controlled crying unless it is a last resort but i am so exhasuted i feel every spare time i have i just want to sleep.

has anyone any great tips for improving thigns for me and dylan
DS was a pain at night, but has really improved. Now he'll tend to go around 10 hours before a feed, then back down for another couple hours.

Part of DS's problem was having tea too late, now he has it at 5pm, then his bath at 6 and his last feed at 7 (sometimes his bath will be a bit later etc). I also found a dummy has helped, so whereas he'd have some boob before we changed to giving him a dummy and now he doesn't wake for a feed because he knows he's not going to get it.
If he's teething then I'll give him some calpol before bed, like tonight, because it will really disrupt his sleep poor lad.
I can totally sympathise with the broken sleep and I hope things improve for you soon. There are alternatives to controlled crying that don't involve stressing you both out, which might be worth pursuing.
Isaac has been a terrible sleeper so if the following worked with him, it may work for Dylan?

Simply put Dylan down when he's tired, but by 8pm at latest I'd suggest, only as its what I do, so can say 'works', leave his bedroom door open, and leave him for 5mins, do not go into the room no matter what, then if he is still not aslepp after that, go in and stroke his face, give him a dummy if he has one? (I only think it worked with Isaac because he has a dummy!!) hopefully he will fall asleep at that, leave the room shutting the door. Isaac will now sleep until 6.30am, maybe waking once, but just needs his face stroked for a minute, or his dummy replacing.

That's been a miracle success for me personally, Isaac's often needed hugging, rocking, feeding, bouncing..to sleep, now it takes 6mins, and a s much as it HURTS LIKE HELL when he cries, I know it is better for BOTH him and I, as he needs his sleep and I need my sanity :D

Before this, I would BF him on our bed and he'd fall asleep, I'd leave him there an hour or two then transfer him to his cot. Really hope you find something cloud, I do know seperation anxiety can be an issue from 6-9months of age, so it could be that too, which may mean nothing will work yet. Very best wishes, hope it changes for the better real soon :hug: :hug: :hug:

Dummy's are a godsend :pray:
We used the controlled crying technique with Charlie and it took less than a week to crack it....not saying it was easy though.
It was 7pm bath, bottle, story, bed....left the room and let him cry for 2 minutes, went back in to soothe him, back out for 3 minutes and so on...think the longest we did was about 10 minutes then he started to work out that we were there but were not coming in so he gave up and went to sleep. Had to do the same occasionally during the night but took alot less time.
Now its strict (well almost) 7pm, bath or wash, beaker, story, into cot awake (sometimes with a small book so he can pretend to read to Jack Bear) and he gets himself off to sleep now...some nights he doesnt even want a story he literally climbs over me to try and jump into his cot!!!
Be persistant, make sure you and your partner/family are doing the same and are supportive and good luck!!!!

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