Belly feels really weird


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Jan 28, 2010
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Normally before AF is due i bloat like mad , Well AF hasnt come and my belly looks mishaped which isnt normal it looks bigger to me.

Its still squishy just looks really weird , Im not saying im pregnant because i wouldnt have a bump this quick but even still it feels really weird as you can see below:


Tell me if im being stupid:)
dont u just hate it when af is late and symptom spot everything!!

im not sure huni, but didnt wanna read and run xx
thankyou :)

just realised ow awful tht belly piercin luks :O
Could be Your ibs playingup?? You should it was bad in the other post?? X x
When i have IBS problems though it goes really hard like a rock seriously , it dont look it but its squishy
It could be either.. Bloating due to AF.. Maybe IBS playing up a bit different.. Tbh the period I missed when I found out I was pregnant I had everything that pointed toward my period, the sore boobs, the bloated feeling, cramping.. So it's just a waiting game for you atm hun.. But you arnt out until the witch comes x
I know i did have my sore boobs like normal but now they have gone , i have had the period pains today but it aint come x
Well I'll keep everything crossed for you hun :dust: And like I say, you're not out until the witch comes x
In a way i hope it dosent come because i may be pregnant,
But then again i want it to come because until then Me and OH cant start trying again :( , I wish my body would just make its mind up what it wants to do either be pregnant or bleeeed! haha
:hug: This is the hardest time, but you will know for sure within the next week or 2 x

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