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Baby slings

tots hope

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Feb 7, 2007
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I am really wanting to get a baby sling for when bump comes to meet us. I just wondered if anyone knew of a good one that provides loads of postural support. I suffer from a bad back due to a previous trauma so definately need something that is supportive.

I am looking after my nephew tomorrow (nearly 16 weeks) so am going shopping with mum to see what we can find (guessing having a baby in a sling would help feel what it is like!)

Would certainly value your input as to what you think would be a good one?
I am getting a KARI ME online, and i have heard good things about the babyhawk too, also to be purchased online. Traditional pouches such as chicco are no good at all. I seem to think i have also seen on here that the mothercare one isnt great either. If you look on the Dads section i think there is also a thread there that might help.


I have a moby wrap and I love it, www.mobywrap.com it is similar to a kari-me but cheaper. I find it very supportive as i also have a bad back but still wear freya for hours at a time. I did have a pouch carrier when she was new born, the premax, that was also very good but she out grew it at 4 months
I LOVE my kari-me - I think they are only available online though. If I could afford it, I'd also buy a Mei Tai babyhawk.

Don't be tempted by a baby bjorn or similar, they are really heavy and unsupportive once the baby is over 1-2 months old - they are NOT good for the back. With the kari-me or moby or similar, you can spread the weight of the baby over your shoulders.

Valentine Xxx
I ordered a kari-me last night because i heard they are meant to be really good. I can't wait to get it :D

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