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Baby Erin is here!!!!!


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Feb 6, 2005
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Hi Everyone.

Well the last time I posted was last tuesday at about 1.30am in the morning and I thought I was in labour - well it turns out I was and 30 hours later Erin was here.

I don't have the time to write my birth story just now but I'll do it as soon as I can.

She was bron on the 12th Oct at 7.54am, weighing in at 7lb 11oz and 55cms.

Ash x
congratulations hun hope you and baby are both well what a lovely name :D cant wait to see the pics xxxxx

Glad everything is ok and look foward to hearing your birth story and seeing some pics of baby Erin xxx

Take Care xxx
Congratulations!!! Hope everything went well!! Can't wait to see pics!!!

xoxo Ree
Congratulations! Great to hear from you :lol: And hello Erin!

aww Congrats hun!!!

hope you are both well

hope to see pics soon

I love the name Erin. :D
Hope you are both well
look forward to the pics!
Sam xx
Blimey, we've been getting some mammoth labours recently!! It's putting me off with the ttc bit a little!! :wink:

Congratulations Ashley. Erin is a beautiful name. I hope you are both doing well. Look forward to the pictures.

Take care.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Enjoy your little bunny.
Emilia xx
Congratulations Ashley, glad you are both well, keep us posted!!
congrates! hope everything went ok and that you and the baby are well :)
Hi, congratulations, and what a beautiful name. I notice you live in Edinburgh, was Erin a Royal Infirmary or St John's baby?

Hope you are both doing well. x
Congratulations!!! Love the name and looking forward to the photos. :D
Congratulations hun, great news. Lovely name as well.
Em xxxxxx
Hello to baby Erin, Congratulations Ashley and lots of love to you both xxx

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