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Applying for Flexible Working / Reduced hours


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Nov 19, 2006
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Anyone had any experience of this? If so can you tell me what the procedure was and how it went for you?

I'm in 2 minds whether to ask for it prior to returning or go back full time for a few weeks then ask. Not sure what would be best. I want to go down to 4 days a week.

What do you think?
Every company has different policies on how you should apply for flexible working. I think you should double check what yours is.

It really depends on when you want the flexible working to start as to when you ask for it. I didn't ask for mine until I went back to work expecting it all to go through OK as it had done so for other colleagues returning from mat leave.

However, my line manager was supportive but a manager further up the chain wasn't. I've had real problems getting it agreed, it's sorted now but with hindsight I would have put my application in before I'd returned to work.

The DTI have a useful form you can use as a template. On it you can state what hours you'd like to do, how that will impact your colleagues, what you can do to minimise that impact and state why you want to work reduced hours.

Good luck!
Thanks Bagpuss... sorry for the late reply.

I am putting together my application now. I have used the DWP and DTI website also found a few more on Google which have helped with ideas. I'm going to get a fellow manager from my office (who's also a good friend and I trust him) to review it and give me some suggestions.

I'm asking for 5 days, 4 in the office, 1 at home on reduced hours. Wish me luck!
When my boss found out I was pregnant she was telling me not to come back full time. She was saying that she found doing 3 days a week she couldn't get enough work done, but she found 4 days a good compromise.

When it came to coming back I decided that I wanted to do shorter days so that Ellie was only in nursery 8hrs a day. So I initially did 26hrs a week , 4 shorter days (I have nearly 1hr commute in total you see). I did have a bit of problem with HR wanting me to reduce my hours as soon as I officially returned (not after I had taken my leave I was owed). So we had to pretend I intended to return full-time but then changed my mind.

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