Anyone used the Fertility Score sperm tests?


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Nov 7, 2007
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Hi :wave: My OH used the Fertility Score home semen analysis test today. Im not entirely sure what the outcome was to be honest. Shades of pink count as a positive result = :D Shades of purple/blue count as a negative result = :( My OH's was a very fine line between the bottom of the pink chart and the top of the purple/blue chart. So Im guessing his count cant be very good then :? We are going to the Dr's soon anyway to start fertility investigations, but I was just wondering whether anyone else's partner had a dubious or negative result and still got pregnant or had more detailed tests and had different results?
Hey Loola

You know my story but I thought I would post it again anyway! :rotfl:

My DH did 3 home fertility tests (including the expensive one Boots sells)and they all came back negative :( . We went to the doctors who gave him the proper tests in which he came back as OK...anyway I think my ticker confirms that his little fellas work!

Hope the doc will do some proper tests for you and in the time being dont worry too much about the results of his home test :hug:
I read in the paper a few weeks ago about these home fertility tests. Fertility experts are saying they are a waste of money and not very reliable. They just cause more stress which in turn can stop you conceiving.

I would just go to the doc's and get the proper tests done hun.

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
hi my OH done the Fertell fertility test this morn and the result was he was ok, there were 2 red lines one light , one dark, he bought the test bcoz his job entails dealing with high frequency radioactivity, we are on month 9 ttc, so now its my turn to do the female part of the test but cant til AF gets me on day 3, hopefully it wont be neccessary to test :pray: :pray: :pray: we are also waiting on hosp appt
Hi there

Do not worry as i did all the time.

My husband and i went for lots of tests and his results were very poor. I was so upset as we had been trying for a very long time and thought it was not possible.

We then both started chinese medicine and accupuncture for about 8-12 weeks and i became pregnant. I was at the clinic that day just picking up my injections to start my ivf i when i found out i was just over 4 weeks pregnant

The weekend i caught it was also the first weekend i relaxed and was not trying due to the wine i had that evening.

I also think the reflexolgy helped me by simply being less stressed about the whole thing. Good luck it will happen Paula
I know this is an old post but I jus been googling and found it and I'm a member on here too .. My oh has just done the test . We already have a child together who is 3. He's been on medication and I was worried it could effect his fertility His test has come back negative should I be worried ... Read lots of reviews both good and bad ! Xxx

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