anyone know anything about sperm quality?


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Jun 21, 2007
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Just got the results from db's semen analysis this morning from a very gloomy and miserable GP. Count looks OK but results said 87% abnormal forms and 13% normal.
Can anyone help with some advice? Is there anything we can do to improve and increase the normal sperm? Is 15% very low? Also concerned that abnormal sperm fertilising the egg will result in abnormal child!
TTC for about a year now....
thanks x
I cannot help with regards what the results mean, but I do know on a vitamin front, that Zinc and Selenium are great for sperm mobility, sometimes it's not what your eating, but what you're not eating that can effect conceiving, again I know little sorry to sound like I do , I don't, I just happened in this board and thought I would say try Zinc and Selenium Mr's and very best wishes :) I do hope you find you conceive real soon and the results don't mean otherwise, obviously always see GP for medical expertize :hug:
sorry I dont understand those results either But I did read the other week that tomato soup was the new mens food to help produce super sperm :cheer:
sorry, don't really know much about it all...

i do know that carrying mobile phones in trouser pockets can make quite a substantial difference in fertility in men though (it lowers it)...
I don't know a huge amount but my DH has been asked to submit a sample and we we're told not too worry to much if the first sample comes back with abnormalities as this can often happen and they will ask for a second sample about 3 months after.

Sorry, not much help. It explains a bit in a post near the top of the page under NHS Guidelines.
I don't think you need to worry about an abnormal baby...the abnormal forms would be very unlieky to fertilise the egg either due to not getting there, or not being able to penetrate the egg.

if your OH has plenty of sperm then the abnormal forms ahouldn't be a problem as there will still be plenty of normal ones.

I would expect your GP to ask for a repeat sample as counts etc can fluctuate quite a bit from sample to sample.

If you need to chat or need to know anything more feel free to PM me, I'm no expert but after discovering my DH has a dodgy sperm count I have done a LOT of reading!


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