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Anyone testing on 19th December - come and join me


Nov 24, 2007
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Hi Ladies,

Well I am now 13dpo and AF is due tomorrow - no sign of her yet so fingers crossed for BFP :pray:

I have had so many symptoms this month that I'm convinced I must be pregnant, I just hope that I'm not going to be let down by AF showing her ugly face!!! At the moment I have no cramping, which I always get a couple of days before AF is due, hoping that this is a good sign.

I feel incredibly nauseas this morning to the point where I wretched over the sink, but nothing came out :rotfl: BB's are still very sore and my nipples are extra sensitive, can't bear OH touching them at the moment cause it's really uncomfortable. Still have blue veins in bb's and you can even see them running into the nipple area. I'm not gonna list my other symptoms, as I did this on an earlier post and there is just too many to mention :wink:

Spreading baby dust to all of you :pray:
Does sound very promising!! Good luck!

I have ages to wait before I test. Havent ovulated yet! :lol:
Bagpuss17, I'll be testing tomorrow - Wednesday 19th December. Are you due to test soon?

Loola hope you ovulate soon :wink:
good luck sounds promising!!

Veiny bb's was my first symptom with ellis a week before i got a BFP!

Well I just caved in and did an IC and BFN :doh: I knew I should have held off to see if AF arrived tomorrow, but I'm just too impatient!

Do you think I still have a chance, I'll be 14dpo on Wednesday, am I still too early to test?? I know that when I had a Chemical Pregnancy back in February 2006 it did not show on a HPT, but the HCG Blood Test showed positive at 35 and then dropped over the following days, fingers crossed that I just don't show early on an HPT.

Feeling pretty fed up now and wish I had not tested :wall:
I'm due on tomorrow too, i could'nt wait and did a test and got a BFN. I really hope AF dosnt turn up for us . I've been having period type pains so i bet shes on her way. :(

OK guys any news????

Not testing myself but interested just the same!

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