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anyone else working christmas?


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Nov 7, 2006
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i work shifts, so am working christmas eve night and christmas day night, so will be asleep on christmas day.
but thats my last shifts then before i start my new job on 8th jan so looking forward to a lovely couple of weeks off, and will be celebrating christmas on boxing day.
any other sad people will be around for me to chat to in the early hours?
I'm not but my sis has to work from about 8am til midday then go back in at 5pm and finish at 10pm on xmas day and she has an 18 month old daughter, what a total pooper :(
yeah i'm working 12.5 hour shifts christmas eve day and christmas day. we will have our christmas on boxing day too. you are not alone xx :hug:
im working xmas eve mornin and boxing day mornin
refused to work xmas day on accont of B
My fiance also works shifts and will be working Boxing day night for 4 nights 5:30am - 5:30pm. Next year he will be working christmas day :(. Where do you work if you dont mind me asking? Could be the same place :) .
yup im at work right now and will be for the next 3 nights after tonight (so last night thurs night)
cassi - i work in an emergency services control room in abingdon.
but i'm leaving soon to do a similar job in wokingham.

last night shift tonight so looking forward to celebrating christmas tomorrow :D

jennywren - hope you had a lovely day and your nights shifts fly by.

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