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Anyone else not feel pregnant??


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Sep 6, 2007
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ALL my symptmoms have gone, I cant feel the baby anymore snd Im no longer getting up to the loo 20 times in the night, nor am I constantly tired!

Id probably think it was a godsend, if I could still feel baby moving.
Debbie had days like that too around 17 weeks. It happens, usually right before another hormone surge. The placenta is now responsible for the manufacture of hormones for the baby which is why your early pregnancy symptoms abate as you progress in the second trimester.

As your uterus moves higher, it releases some of the pressure on your bladder which is probably why you don't need to urinate so frequently. Enjoy the temporary respite, because as you fill out, the pressure will return.

Have you felt the baby move yet? If so, have you felt her daily? She may have flipped over and is now kicking towards your back where there are less nerves which makes it harder to feel.

If you are really concerned, get in contact with your midwife of the delivery suite at your local hospital. A few seconds with a doppler will confirm that all is well.
I think it's normal hun, i was the same and only just feel pregnant now :lol:
I am the opposite. I felt fine for a few days but now I have my sickness back again and its just as bad as it was the first time round :(
I'm the same. Although I've not had many symptoms at all all the way through so far (not complaining :D ) I've really got none now. Like you said, I don't need the loo every 2 mins, I'm still in my normal clothes, no obvious bump, no sickness... Easy to forget I'm pregnant really. Not had any proper movements either. I sometimes get a kind of fluttering a bit like your stomach doing a mild lurch (?!) but that's about it.

I reckon we should be enjoying this like Matt said. It can't possible last :lol:
I had the same thing at around 17 weeks.

Now at 22 weeks and 1 day and feeling baby moving all the time and needing to pee A LOT! lol
if it wasnt for my bump i would forget i do sometimes and try running up the stairs :roll:
manda xx
Hi, sorry for butting in, I'm 36+2 and I'm still getting days when I forget I'm pregnant. I was in the car over the weekend and baby moved - for I second I wondered what it was :rotfl: then I realised it was the baby as I'm pregnant. :wall:
This is all good to hear, as I am almost in tears, as I'm not really feeling much at all inside!!

I feel like.. a churn... occasionally... but not everyday.
The bump hasn't grown much in the past week, and am scared something is wrong..

my migranes have come back this week, and am feeling a bit sicky too.. so maybe these are good signs! (thought I had a spotting of blood yesterday, that reduced me to tears... but.. think it was from the 'back passage' and there's been nothing else since....)

aww hun you sound like your having it rough!!
i think you are due a growth spurt soon i *think* its at 22 weeks cant remeber i found it on babycenter
hope you feel a bit better about things soon
manda xx
Thanks for all the replies, its so nice to know Im not the only one!!

Think reading my pregnancy diary from my other pregnancies didnt help as I was feeling loads of movement around now with my son. I still havent heard the heartbeat either so that together with not feeling anything sets the nerves off I think!! Im seeing the consultant at the hospital on friday morning, so I just need to hang on 2 more days!!! :)
Em - Everytime I have a run up to a scan or a doctors appt, I get very nervous.. and scared.
Ask your consultant to hear the babys heartbeat.... that will help :)
They can do it at 16/17 weeks (not always tho)

I dont feel or look pregnant at all

I think people think I am ripping the piss whe I tell them I am pregnant cos there are no signs at all.
Don't worry - pregnancy is like a tube of Pringles.

Once you pop, you can't stop!
I rarely feel pregnant and sometimes it makes me feel quite sad. It isn't how I imagined it would be. I can;t wait for my belly to explode into a huge mound now. I'm just waiting... and waiting... and waiting...

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