Any sign of stretch marks yet?

Sarah W Baby Belly

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Jun 14, 2005
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I thought I would have loads by now as my skin has about as much elasticity as a house brick and i have dozens of scars all over from previous growth spurts.

No sign yet, how about everyone else?
none for me yet, but i think coz my skin stetched loads in the last 2 pregnancies its used to it now. saying that tho, the top of my tummy seems very tight and was icthing today so i will prob jinx myself now lol
Well I must be the unlucky one as I have a few freddie krueger looking scratches on my thighs and 2 faint ones appearing on my tummy, really low down. I have been plastering the cocoa butter on to no avail!!! :cry:
Yeah I have them!! only on the lower bit of my belly and not really big and dark hoping I wont get too much bigger then they wont spread, although I'm past caring now and think of them as my marks of motherhood. Besides they'll fade and at least you dont get them where people see them all the time like your face!
None on the main of my belly (just one on each piercing scars on my belly botton).
All over my boobs though :?
just a few on my chest - nowhere else yet though!
Absolutely no stretch marks of any description anywhere...which is weird. I was a very fat child and have some silvered out marks on my thighs from then that came back when I put some weight on a few years ago. I haven't had any this time around though, not even around my bellybutton, which has gone all weird and podgy - but hasn't really popped yet.

And my doctor thinks I'm big!!! I know my handle is Tiny Sue but that's a joke between my husband and me. I'm actually quite a big woman, 5 feet 8 and normally not much shy of the ten stone mark. At the moment, I'm almost thirteen! I outweigh my OH! :shock:



You girls are lucky i have lots from just above my belly nutton and down, and soem behind my knees, it sucks i hate them, everyone says there not that bad but i think they are. :) I use cocoa butter lotion but the doc says some women are just meant to get them, just sucks im one of them.
i now hate this thread!!!!!!

I THINK (not sure yet) that im starting to get some, i noticed last night as i got out of the shower, just above the ones i got from last pregnancy there are two tiny red marks, will have to wait to see if they go in to anything tho.
Well I already have old scars all over my thighs, on my boobs, on the backs of my arms, and all over my freddie krueger thighs, so I am just waiting for the inevitable! :?
I have noticed 1 which is very faint its like a silvery line with a purple tinge to it right under the skin. I was very depressed when i found it. I was hoping i was going to escape them.
None as yet and still hoping I won't have them. I have olive skin and am quite use to tanning in the sun, therefore I am a bit shocked that my skin would not be lees hydrated.

Again, since Week 5, I have been aplying Extra Virgin Olive Oil on my entire body morning and night, so if I do get them, there goes that theory!!

Let's keep those stretch marks at bay girls!!! Good Luck dust your way...

yep, those little red marks did go in to stretch marks :(

they are only little at the mo so im praying they stay little

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