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Mar 16, 2005
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Hi everyone. I just wanted to know if anyone has good advice regarding exercise. I'm only 8 weeks along and feel pretty tired all the time. I'd like to start doing some exercise. I was thinking of joining the local gym.

My mum has warned me I shouldn't be doing any stomach exercise, but I'm not sure why this is - I would have thought that would only help me later down the line. Also I hear people talking about not doing any heavy lifting or straining, but at only 8 weeks I'm not even showing, so it's not like I'm already carrying a heavy weight!

I've got two books at home, as well as the basic info given to me by the midwife, but none of them seem to address the issue of what / how much exercise is safe.

I'm very sorry if these seem like stupid questions with obvious answers but if you can help at all, I would be very grateful.

Kind regards

hiya- I read your bit on exercise. I'm a (newly pregnant) fitness instructor. I never had (not yet) full studying courses on pregnancy exercises but believe me, I've done lots of research. Now, the stomach exercise thing is true: don't do them. The reason: you are straining your abdominal muscles and those muscles will become stretched in the middle section, in time, so we do not need to add stess to them while the baby is growing, even if you are only 8 weeks. better safe than sorry.
other very good things to begin doing: swimming- excellent. Yoga classes, light bycyling on stationary bike in gym or outside. The importance of you to keep your heart rate within 60-65% of our maximum heart rate can not be stressed enough (take 220 minus your age and that's your maximum HR, roughly. now take that number and multiple it by .60..that's 60% i'm talking about) !!! Remember- you are trying to improve your health and release some tension, boast your energy levels somewhat, reduce moodiness if you're having it: you are NOT trying to gain some new physique! If you are in decent shape and then workout about 3-5 times a week then you'll do fine at maintaining your condition, therefore making it even easier on yourself to get in even better shape quicker after your baby is born. You may do some light weights, ie: bicep and tricep curls but only with low should not be hard ater 10 reps...we're talking only 1 kg. if you're not use weights, and if you are use to using them (like you're doing them 2 times a week already) then simply lower that weight amount a little ( I usually use 5 kg for biceps and triceps but now am using only 3 kg). lots of walking is always good- have supportive shoes, for those tired feet. Keep off your feet if the begin feelin swelling. Get yourself to your local gym, see if they have a qualified pregnany personal trainer and pay them for the advice: or just ask a few questions. It's well worth it in order to do the right things rather than going into it blinded.
I hope these tips help for now.
OH- one more thing: work on your pelvic floor. You'll have do soe some internet seraching on it to see a picture of how to work on it.
Like do a search for somethig like "pelvic floor improving and pregnancy" and there will probably be loads.

good luck and have fun
Many thanks for the advice - it seems very sound.

Good luck yourself.

hi there,

i wondered if you might be able to offer me some advice.

i've just found out i am pregnant and assume that i am around 5 weeks (but will know for definate in a few days), I play netball twice a week for at least an hour each time. Is it ok to carry on with this sport as long as it feels comfortable or should I stop now?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Angel

You may be able to PM minhenry7 - she seems to be clued up here.

From my own point of view, my doctor told me that if I'm not fit, then this is no time to start getting fit, however it's fine to maintain my existing level of fitness. Other than that he wasn't any help at all.

However the important thing is he gave me the go ahead to exercise having checked my blood pressure etc.

I really don't know what they would advise for Netball - it's quite high impact, but then you must be pretty fit already. All I can suggest in the absence of better advise from a qualified fitness instructor is that you mention to your doctor that you play netball and would like to continue.

Sorry this isn't much help


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