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47 DPO


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Oct 2, 2007
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Hi girls, I am 47 DPO and no BFP or AF. :wall: I am getting really frustrated. After my m/c in October I have had one period on time. Since then nothing and it seems that I am getting back to my irregular cycles. I am going to the Gynae Endocryne unit on Friday. Hope they will help me to regulate my cycle.

I am thinking of taking a break and going for a week end away with my DH. I can't concentrate on my work and it is a crutial time as I might become supervisor of the whole department. This is what I always wanted but I would change for for AF or BFP now ! Does anyone know of nice and reasonably priced spa that we could go for a week end? ( somewher in the UK, not London).

thanks and lots of luck to you all.

Petra xxx
Whereabouts are you based hon sound slike a spa is just what you need right now...

Sometimes stress and worry can delay af arriving, has anything significant apart from you MC happened recently?? Atm as Im assuming you have already gathered you really need to relax and I think a spa break will be just what you need to get things churning again.

Im sorry everything is up in the air at the moment how frusstrating let us know how you get on...

xxx :hug:
Thanks for your reply Sharne. Not much has happened since my MC, I just want to get pregnant. I know that stress playes its role well. However, I have never had regular cycles... before getting on the pill I have had AF twice a year. My GP suspects PCOS but I have been checked during pregnancy and the doctor said all my ovaries and uterus are completely fine. Lets see what Friday brings...

We live in SE London and I would prefare going outside London for a few days. Any suggestions are appreciated :hug:

Petra x
That break sounds wonderful and just what you need, sorry I cannot recommend anywhere, I really hope you find its a BFP at the end of this DPO road, very, very best wishes :hug: :hug: :hug:

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