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2ww anyone?

Tiny Sue

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May 26, 2005
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Well, for me I've about 8 or 9 days really before AF is due again. For anyone who reads the other ttc forum with fertility issues, you will know that I had a major allergic reaction to clomid and so have been taken off it. So this is my last chance to get pg with boosted fertility (?) and what do I do? Come down with a nasty case of thrush on top of everything else.

SO our bd is more or less finished for this month, and I'm due on on the 10th or 11th. I think.

Anyone care to join me?

Oh no Sue :hug:

I hope this month did the job though, I'll keep everything crossed for you.

I'm due on the 17th so I'm just in the 2WW as of today

You sound like you've had a bad time hun :hug:

I'm just about to embark on the 2ww should ov in the next day or 2. Hubby is due back off a stag do tonight so gonna have to do some serious bd'ing to be in with a chance! I normally have a 12 day wait after ov.

Good luck all

Fingers crossed for you, hope it worked for you :hug:

I'll be testing on the 16th this month and I'm dying to POAS already!!
2ww also! Due on the 13th. Hope it's not unlucky!!
GOOD LUCK ALL 2WWERS!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:
I'm with you. i'm due the day before my birthday so I'm going to try and hold off testing until my birthday on 16th :? :?
Can't help but symptom spot - I've got it bad this month. Tired, indigestion, stuffy nose, headache.

Wondering if I should buy a supply of POAS sticks or hold out.

I'm due on Monday but have had some spotting today, looks like AF may pay me an early visit.

Sympathy to you having thrush. I've had cystitis, luckily after we ov'd. But had to take some antibiotics to clear it.

Not looking hopeful for me this month.

Hopefully, though we should get a fair few BFPs between everybody else :D

Good luck all!
I'm due around the 11th but want to hold off testing till about a week later (yeah right lol) because my prediction from Cheri22 said she saw the dates 18th-21st having something to do with testing.

No symptoms though and TBH we only BD'd this month on the day B4 OV and haven't done it since so our chances are a bit slim I think for this month :wall: So I ma fully expecting AF to arrive.

Good luck Sue and everyone else :pray:
Crossing fingers, legs, ears, eyes and anything else that will cross!

Been really moody and irritable last two days. Sore boobs, and going to the bathroom way too much.

Could be just AF on the way though...

If I don't have a period by Wednesday I'll test.

Hi Sue,

Sounds very promising for you. How long is your cycle? If its 28 days, then it looks like you can test today!

I tested!

VERY faint line, I almost don't believe it. I used a Tesco's own brand test. The line was pink and not grey but both OH and I had to hold it under the light to see anything. A few hours later, the line is more definite though the test has expired now.

Slept for about three hours and am awake now because I want to retest!

:pray: :pray: :pray:

PLEASE God let it be a BFP!

Sounds good sue!!!

I have everything crossed for you, I have been following you TTC :)

Good Luck!!

TEST! For goodness sake! Go buy a really good reliable test and POAS PLEASE!

Aargh! The suspense is too much, seriously. I really really really hope this is it for you :hug: :hug: :hug:

When are you testing again?


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