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20 week scan

tots hope

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Feb 7, 2007
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Got the date through for my 20 week scan 8th January 2008!

I will be 20 weeks 6 days! Cant believe how quickly this pregnancy is going. Got a busy few weeks in January as i have the scan 8th Jan, Midwife 15th Jan and 16th Cardiologist! Guess i shouldn't complain as i get to see/hear baby!

Quite excited now!
Oh tht will be nice, something to look forward to AFTER christmas - i have my 20 week scan on 15th jan and will be 21 weeks. Enjoy it sweetie - it will be here in no time
:cheer: :cheer: It's exciting when you get dates through for scans.

I'm more excited about January than Xmas! :shock:
I've got my 4d scan on 19th when we'll hopefully find out whether baby is pink or blue, and at the end of the month I'll see the midwife again.
Also, I'm hoping we'll have enough money after xmas to do some serious baby shopping in the Jan sales :D
Never thought about jan sales, we got m/w appt on 20th dec. then xmas then 21 weeks scan on 15th jan, then we want a hol then we were going to start buying things, when i am about 26 weeks - does anyone think thats too late
I know what you mean! We have so much to do before March that Christmas seems like a 'thing' in the way. :lol:

I love Christmas, but this year it's hard to focus on.
1sttimemum said:
... we were going to start buying things, when i am about 26 weeks - does anyone think thats too late

I moved from Leeds to Bedford when I was 26 weeks pregnant and didn't buy anything until about 30 weeks. So not too late at all :hug:
I didn't start buying till I was 30 odd weeks with James too, cos I moved from Cambridge to Plymouth after starting my maternity leave (I get about a bit :lol: )
:cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

I didn't buy anything for Paris until I was gone 34 weeks, i was in denial that i was pg until gone 20 weeks :shock:
Hi Tots Hope,

I have my 20 week scan the day before yours on 7th Jan, my first day back to work after Christmas. I agree with you about how quickly its going, it seemed to take ages to get to 12 weeks. ONce I announced it to the world time has flown by!!

It'll be here before we know it.

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