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10 movements?


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Jul 11, 2007
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i'm slightly confused here, not hard to confuse me at the mo...

my midwife said i should be counting movements about now she told me 10 movements over a 12 hour period is good.

i've just been looking at a website and it says you should feel 10 movements every hour..

anyone know which is right?

10 an hour seems an awful lot, Bean is moving about very well, more so since i finished work but i'm now confused as to how often is 'normal'.


sometimes Bean moves like s/he is boxing so i will feel 3 or 4 movements in very quick succession will this be counted as 1 movement or as the 3 or 4 movements i can actually feel?

sorry for all the questions...
my midwife told me as long as i feel at least 10 a day baby is fine!! i was confused about this too!!
I think your MW probably means 10 'episodes' of movements a day cos they kinda tend to wriggle for a few mins at a time. There are a number of different ways of counting movements so i wouldnt worry too much if your feeling 10 a day :)
you know whats normal for your baby to move in a day so you're used to how he/she will move.
i think its just if you notice a drop in the movements, less movements etc, then do the test where you feel hi/her 10 times in a 2 hour period.

but you know whats normal for you baby x
Thanks for that ladies,

it was as clear as mud before...lol...

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