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£250 voucher thingys....


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May 16, 2006
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...whats everyone else done with theres?

ive just found it so i need to use it asap

but im baffled by all the options...

which has everyone done andwhy?

Hi Lozzi,

We put Olivia's in an high interest account with the abbey national! Thats was one of the banks on the list so i just put it in there :D
Jams is in a high interest account with Abbey and 40quid goes in at the end of each mth from our wages, boy has more dosh than me lol :roll: :lol:
We put it in The Childrens Mutual because we saw an independant advisor and thats what he recommended. If you are going to add to it (My family put in £50 a month between them) appartently it will yield the best return.
i put Dylans in the birtannia as it was what Martin Lewis sugested
im still waiting for jayla one. were putting it into a saving account for her
We put Harrison's into a Halifax Child Trust Fund account, we don't put any money into that account because we have a separate high interest savings account in which we put money into each month.
We put Cara's in a Brittania Child Trust Fund account - can't remember what it's called but the type that invests in shares but switches to low-risk companies in 13 years or something. OH understands all that stuff better than me! :D
I like the idea of a separate savings account for LO that we can put money in to. I worry about him reaching 18 and then having a lot of money to use in any way without our input lol!

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