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worried about melissa's weight :(


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Oct 13, 2006
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when millie was born she was 3.38kg, just below 50th centile. she gained weight quickly tho, and by 11 weeks over 6kg she was nearly on 91st centile!

but since beginning of november, her weight has slowed down. one week she lost about 50g, then from 23 nov to 7 dec she stayed at 7.5kg. the HV's said not to worry at that point.

but today she was still only 7.59kg, has dropped below 50th centile again. they wanna check her next week coz they dont want her losing any more or not gaining any.

eek! im frightened! especially as they said i should try to make her eat more savoury foods (i give her jars of fruit and custard at the mo coz she loves them) as savoury has less calories so surely that wont help?

lol tho i just checked my own weight on the centile chart (it goes up to 20-years-old!) and at 52kg im below the 25th centile myself and my boyf is thin also- so maybe she's just naturally light like her parents?

i hope so its so worrying!
She's still on the charts, it's not like she's dropped off so I'd try not to worry too much. DS has only gained around 13ozs in 2 months, since he's been on solids he's just not gaining as much either.

Like you said it's probably in her genes to be on the smaller side. And she was being breastfed wasn't she? Breastfed babies are generally leaner than formula fed.
I wouldnt worry too much. If she werent well then you would know by other things than the chart. But, isnt there a separate centile chart for breastfed babies that might show her weight gain to be less of a worry.

As you said, you and yor oh are slim so its more than likely in the genes.
As has been said, Millie's been BF so the charts are incorrect for her anyway, it's great that she's eating and enjoying it, you cannot force a baby to eat :talkhand: Have you thought about;


They are said to be for 7months onwards but Isaac seems fine on them and loves the finger food carrot sticks and the many different fruit pots, some are with brown rice too. The organix range seems quite popular, LO's seem to like lots of their products :) also toast, with a cheese spread. If Millie's alert, happy and still your same beautiful little girl, then I wouldn't worry, give her time to adjust to her food, I know it can be worrying, I've been worrying about Isaac myself but they do adjust, just sometimes slowly, so weight gain isn't going to be up, up, up all of a sudden :hug:
I really don't think its any thing to worry about :hug: As you say she is probably going to be slim like you and her dad. Aimee was born above the 75th centile and by 6 months she was below the 25th. I used to worry loads over her cos one week she would loose weight then the next she would only put 1 or 2ozs on. I can see though now that she's 2 its just the way her bodies meant to be cos she's so dainty and still in 12 months old clothes but perfectly healthy :D

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