Why can't I just go into labour? :(

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by LouiseH, Jun 12, 2013.

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    I feel very stressed!!!!

    Basically (As some of you know) I've been getting grown scans every 2 weeks since 31 weeks.. (As baby is measuring small). Had one at 35 weeks, still small but she'd put on weight. Had one at 37+5 baby hasn't put weight on since 35 weeks.. Heart rate fine, movement fine, etc. Weight gain has just tailed off..

    So last week at 37+5 they swept me.. No good! And no results!

    I'm back at hospital tomorrow at 38+5, for a doppler scan, to see the blood flow to cord & placenta and to check fluid around the baby - To see if they can find the reason for weight gain tailing off. If they find an issue they'll induce me sooner rather then later.

    If there's no issue, then I'll get another sweep tomorrow and be taken in on Sunday 23rd to start and induction over night!

    Of course the stressed part is being worried about my baby. However as movement is fine, etc. Then I know she's alright, its more the stress of not knowing why weight gain has tailed off.

    I'd much prefer to go into labour naturally, but I know that if its best for baby to be induced then that's what I want!

    Does an induced labour hurt more then a natural one? x
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    Hi hun,
    I have only had one baby so far, so only have experience of an induced labour.
    They had get my baby out pretty quick, so the induction for me was pretty fast and furious and \I felt out of control with the pain.
    This time i really dont want to be induced as I want a slow natural build up and for my body to do what it needs to do.. naturally.
    Though of course is baby is in danger i wiould be induced again.

    So to answer your question from what i understand an induced birth is just a lot faster so may make pain a little harder to manage.

    Maybe some others will also post or maybe try to post this in the labour and birth or post birth section for different answers.

    I know a friend of mine was also told her baby was small and she will be induced, but she felt very strongly that she wasnt and her wish was granted.
    and she had a natural birth last month and baby is fine
    So you can challenge their decision if you dont feel it is right xx
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