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where do sayings come from?


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Oct 30, 2006
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Just chatting to a mate and said "havnt had a cold yet this year...touch wood" and I thought, where does that come from? How is touching wood lucky?

So I done a quick google and found this...

The custom is thought to originate from Pagan times when trees were held in high esteem. People believed that 'wood spirits' inhabited the trees and woodlands. To touch a tree with respect is thought to indicate that the person was in search of protection from the particular wood spirit.

It is thought also that the action may be a result of the Christian belief in The Crucifixion. Christ was crucified on a cross made of wood and hence touching wood may now be a sign of this belief, and a sign of deep compassion and reverence for Christ's resurrection. This would of course have no connection with the Pagan reasoning, but perhaps the action may be seen as result of two distinctive belief systems.

Any other sayings that you wonder where they come from?

One in the hand is worth two in the bush :think:

Where did the saying sod's law come from?

'This wont buy the baby new shows'!!!!!

Whats that all about!? :?
Foxxi said:
'This wont buy the baby new shows'!!!!!

Whats that all about!? :?

We say 'This won't buy the baby a new blanket' when we're wasting time that could be spent working (or earning) I guess.

Not sure what 'shows' are, maybe it's a Black Country saying and it was shoes? :think:

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