Where can I get plus size maternity clothes!!


Jul 14, 2005
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I am a size 20 top and size 22 bum (Have a bit of a J-Lo going on back there) and I can't find any clothes shops or websites (apart from a couple on Ebay) that do plus size maternity wear. I can't believe that Evans don't cater for larger pregnant ladies. Is there the attitude that big women can't possibly be having sex and therefore having babies?? Or that because we're big, no one will notice our bumps anyway? At this rate I will have to wear size 30 clothes or my husbands shirts! Does any one know where I can shop?? :?
funmum.com do up to a size 20 and I did notice that their clothes are very roomy, so you could start there. I actually had to send a pair of jeans back because they were too big. (Unusual for me, as I'm not exactly skinny)

I'll keep thinking though. - :D
I think Next maternity has a good range of sizes and Blooming Marvelous has an odd sizing range of small, medium, large and extra large- I have three long sleeve t shirts from there in large size and I reckon they're about a size 18-20 but it's difficult to tell.

Hope this helps. I'm planning a trip to a large Asda that carries the maternity range next week as apparently it's nice and cheap (unlike everywhere else!) but I don't know what sizes they do, I'll let you know...

I found my clothes in Dorothy Perkins, they haven't got a massive range but they do go up to a size 20 and they are well sized.
I agree with the Dorothy perkins thing.

Their clothes are also quite roomy, I am a size 14 and I can get into their size 12 maternity tops.

You will probably find that their size 20 bottoms will fit you fine. Their clothes are also really nice and reasonably priced.
I am usually a size 14 and went to Dorothy Perkins for some trousers and had to get a 12 as the 14`s fell down. You should be fine with a size smaller from there. they have a lovely range too.

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