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When might af be due?


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Sep 4, 2006
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Im quite confused about when AF might be dueand hoped you ladies might be able to help me work it out!
My coil came out (by itself) 3 weeks ago today at the time I had some bleeding not like a period it was fresh blood the whole time with clots, I think it was from coil coming out not a period but doctor said it was probably my period it stopped after a few days but a week after coil came out I had some very pink spotting, which I thought was either implantation bleed (we had sex before coil came out) or ovulation bleed it is three weeks since coil came out today and I did a test yesterday which was bfn so do you think my period should be due today and if it doesnt turn up its late?

Hope at least some of that makes sense, any ideas appreciated!
Can't help either really but I didn't want to run and leave without saying anything.

I've never had the coil but if you did the deed before it came out then I wouldn't have thought you could be pregnant. Also if it was only 3 weeks ago and you did have an AF when it came out you probably wouldn't be due yet unless you had very short cycles.

If I was you I would leave it at least another week or so to see if AF either turns up again or not and if she hasn't then do a test then.

sorry I'm not much help
:hug: :hug: :hug:
thanks for your replies!
If it was a period then no wouldnt be due yet but I dont think it was a period wasnt anything like my periods or with any of the other stuff that went with it, or last as long and wasnt due a period when bleeding started. I thought it was bleeding from cervix or something where coil had come out by itself or something because of the pain in that area but not cramping pain, doc said could be possible but as bleeding had stopped by time I could get someone to see me she couldnt tell me for sure and said was probably a period.

I am pretty sure Im not pregnant because of test yest but was told because coil doesnt stop ovulation just implantation and because of amount of time sperm can survive it was very possible to get pregnant from sex before coil came out!

Guess will just have to wait and see when AF turns up!
AF still hasnt turned up, if bleed when coil came out was my period (which I dont think it was) should have gotten AF yesterday at latest!
My boobs feel bigger and abit sore and I have been having some other symptoms that could be just because of cold I have had on and off for few weeks now, am planning to test again tomorrow if AF doesnt turn up before then!
I'd say test tomorrow, you will probably know for sure at that point. Hope you get the outcome that you want. Good Luck.

Thanks I did the test this morning was BFN so cant be pregnant but no idea where period is has been over 7 weeks since I had a proper period will leave it til next week and if still nothing may go to docs.
Penstraze when I had my coil removed in March it took about 7 weeks to get a proper period. Was it the Mirena coil? If it was it takes a few weeks for the hormones to leave your system.
Yeah it was I did wonder if that was it even though it was in less then 3 weeks cause came out! :roll: Is reasuring to know thats probably all it is thanks!
No problems, although I had had mine for 5 years so that might make a difference - I'm glad you didnt have it for long - it is the most terrible thing I have every used - had loads of problems when I had it but didnt realise what was causing them until it was removed....!!! It is definately worth you testing with some cheap tests just to make sure - everyone is different :D
Ive read some pretty awful things about it since having it fitted, glad its out now! I had nothing but problems from the start with really bad pains was told that was body trying to get rid of foreign object and given anti inflamitories then one day it just came out wish Id just made them take it out when I was in pain with it instead of talking me into giving it more time! I had some bleeding when it came out which doctor said was probably period but wasnt anything like a period and more like the bleeding when they put it in think it probably scraped or something on way out was quite sore for awhile, guess will just have to wait and see when af decides to turn up, test was a tesco one and definately negative this morning!
Mine was fine for 3 years and then my problems started - I had recurrent thrush - nearly every month for the next 2 years, I was tearing my hair out with it and kept on going back to the doctors - it was only when I did some research on the net that I came across loads of ladies going through the same thing - I had it removed in March and touch wood nothing since!! Nothing will convince me that it wasnt the coil - it was awful - even gave it to my husband once - although he will never laugh again if I get it :rotfl:

I will keep my fingers crossed that you never see AF! :hug:

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