when did o occur can some of u have a guess?


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Nov 30, 2005
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i am thinking about testing every 4 days to try find out when o occured coz i havnt a clue plus i am not sure when to test only just got my bbt on sat morning so i temped right away to try and distinguish wether im pg or where i am in my cycle its getting so tediating
Hi Rachel

Are you using ovulation sticks? You need to know roughly how long a cycle you normally have and then the box will tell you roughly when to start testing. You will need to test everyday from the recommended day that they say to start to test until you get a positive result. I ovulate around day 18 of my cycle and I tended to have cycles of 30/34 days. Not sure if I have been a help to you? :?


Lindsays right with her advice. It's best to start soon after your period and use them every day until you get a positive, the first month you use them. You'll probably find that you ovulate around the same each month so the subsequent months you can start using them later - depending on when you ovulate.

If you only test every 4 days, then there's a good chance you'll miss the positive result. Once you have a positive result, you normally ovulate within 24-36 hours, this is the time that you need to be BD'ing.

Also if you are charting your temp, remember it's your waking temperature so you need to take it first thing before you get out of bed and preferrably at the same time each morning. Read the instructions carefully that come with it.

I charted my temps for the first time (the same month I got my BFP), I found it was a great insight into what's going on in your cycle.

Good luck with it all. OV sticks are great, helps you maximise your chances of conceiving.

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