When can a kick be 'seen'


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May 16, 2005
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I was wondering when will my partner be able to see or feel the baby kick. At the moment I just tell him when I feel it and he puts his hand on trying to feel it and cant, (I think he is getting jealous) at what point have other people been able to see of feel it from the outside?
I started feeling the baby kick from putting my hand on my tummy only a few days ago, and partner has felt it once but everytime he seems to try and feel the maybe moving, the baby stops, it's very frustrating for him, but i can't help but see the funny side because the baby will start moving again when i put my hand back on my stomach
I'm the same as you Cat - I've been feeling baby kicking around for a couple of weeks now, but hubbie can't feel a thing.

The strange thing is if I put my hand on my tummy I think I can feel it, but I think it's because I'm feeling it from the inside - maybe I only 'think' my hand can detect it as well.

We keep trying, but judging from how far along you and sukisues are compared to me, I have a few weeks to go yet!!

hi littlebump, yeah Im sure it canbe felt from the outside now, but same as you dont know if thats just cause I can feel it anyway. Its just not regular enough in movements most of the time fo me to say 'quick feel it now' its a random kick and thats if most of the time, or what feels like a little rolly poley!
I try tapping or tickling an area to get it to respond but it dosent work.
The last few days I have had very strong movements...I was lying on my back on the couch watching TV tonight and I SEEN it!!!
It was so exciting...I am very small though...I think this factors in for timing on when you will actually see it...Not sure though...I am not a Dr :lol:
Well, my little spud has gone into movement overdrive recently (very annoying when trying to sleep and spud is skipping about) My OH has now seen the baby move, cause my whole stomach tends to 'bounce' but he still dosent seem to feel the actual kicks
I am 26 weeks 5 days and have been feeling kicks & movement since about week 17.
I never had that butteryfly feeling that everyone talks of and for weeks only felt movement from the outside. My husband felt kicking a couple of weeks after I did.

Last night we had the funniest movement - you could see lumps sticking out of my side. My husband refused to believe that it was the baby and instead concluded that it was me. That just made me laugh all the more which meant that I was moving in the end as opposed to the baby.

I read that if you put a tissue on your tummy then someone else watching can see kicks as they move the tissue.
glad I can finally join this discussion! Me and my partner saw the kick yesterday. I felt a kick and just wondered if I could see it. Matts been feeling my kicks also with his hands since the end of 17 weeks! I have a really slim tummy normally and when I wake up I can feel exactly and also see where baby is theres a huge lump. Sometimes its high under my belly button then sometimes really low, it looks so odd but lovely!

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