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whats your favourite sweet?


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Aug 26, 2006
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in roses or quality street mines the strawberry ones and the hazelnut in caramel :D
Always the strawberry or orange cremes, it used to be the peanut cracknall in the Quality street but they stopped doing them years ago :(
Used to be coffee creams but they stopped doing em :(

So i will have to go with teh purple one, fook knows which tin its from, i'll guess roses? lol
I think they are caramel brazils from QS.
GREEN TRIAGNLES!!!! im obsessed!
oh and then the strawberry and orange creams hehe
not had roses for a while...
Chocolate Brazils :cheer:

Although I keep accidentally picking the turkish delights in the boxes we have been given :puke:
coconut ones :) also the toffee fingers/pennys

(quality streets)

all the ones in roses taste the same (imo)
not sure what the name is but it's the green triangle in this pic

theyre called "the green triangle" lol

but i think they used to be called noisette
i love the strawberry cremes, but my fave sweet of all time are walnut whips
in quality street i like the pink fudges and the toffee pennys

cadburys i like the choc with orange crystals

in both i do like the choc hazelnut swirls but i cannot eat them still due to BF (my boyf has allergy)
To be honest I don't mind any of them :lol: but my fav Quality Street is the Orange Cream and Fav Roses is strawberry cream :D

I don't really like fudge, they are always the last to go.

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