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What a day


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May 2, 2006
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Well this morning, me n leah got up n made r way over to mum n dads cos we were off to get our xmas trees :cheer: :cheer:

So we all drive over to the tree place, dads in his van cos we were gettin 3 trees - 2 at mum n dads n one for me
Well OMG it chucked it down, could hardly see the road!
We got there, Leah had fallen asleep so mum stayed with her in my car whilst me n dad got soaked.
I picked my tree :cheer: OMG nearly died at the price £36 :shock: N then we got mum n dads two trees.
We bundled them into dads van n headed off

Decorated the little tree mum n dad have for Leahs playroom at theres.

We then descided to go see Santa at Downham Market n it was great, made the barn like Bethlehem (sp) real donkeys, sheep, goats etc n Leah loved it - then we saw santa n she didnt cry :cheer: got a pressie n headed home.

Well then dad came over to help me with my tree, put it in the stand n stuff, was really excited bout me n leah decortating it, dad left n she was really wingey (sp) and suddenly just started to burn up, i took her temp n it was 39.9 - so i stripped her off n gave her calpol, n rang the Bupa helpline, told me if it hit 40 then to got to AnE. She then just flopped on the sofa n fell asleep :( N shes been asleep ever since, been bout 1hr 30 mins now.
I managed to put a nappy on her n a top n put her in her cot.

Im really worried but her temp has gone down, its now 39.6

Hope everyone has had a gr8 day, Oh n top it all off - i started to decorate the tree n i dont have enough lights :( so im gunna have to wait n till tomoz n go buy new ones n decorate the tree then :(
:hug: :hug: :hug:

Aww, I hope she's OK. Keep checking that temp though, 39.6 is awfully high.

You put me to shame with the tree though, i haven't even thought about one yet....... :oops:
hope leah is ok hun, keep check on her temp as much as possible, the heat points are her wrists, feet and head mainly so keep them cool as possible.

sounds like you had a great day hun, hope you didnt get too wet, hope you have fun decorating your tree, i had fab day as well :hug: :hug:

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