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We've decided on our names!!!


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Aug 29, 2007
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It's going to be Ella for a girl (Middle name Grace, or Gracie, not quite sure yet) and Ollie (george middle name) for a boy :cheer: Yayyyyy, I'm so excited!!!
Thank you :hug: I'm really excited now. I think we're going to find out the sex now aswel :cheer:
we have got ella for a girl too! (unless we change our mind once its born!)
my friend has a little girl called Ella, lovely name
Hooray for "normal" names that they won't spend a lifetime having to spell out to others :)

Good choice :)
Llys said:
Hooray for "normal" names that they won't spend a lifetime having to spell out to others :)

Good choice :)

Haha, yeah we wanted something that isn't too common, but not completely made up :)
We picked Ella when we found out we were having a girl 10 weeks ago, we even call her that! I love the name it's so pretty :) Weirdly enough I wanted Grace as a middle name but OH doesn't like it, we're probably going to have Ella Lucy. Nice traditional names :D
Hope I don't burst your bubble as i really like that name too, but in the school my girls go to, there are two ella's and two ellies in each class (Year 3 & 4) and an Ella, ellie and evie in reception class. But that could all change when your LO goes to school. On the plus point there are no Ollies in either class
They are lovely names. I'm not worried about having common names for mine. I went to school with an unusual name and hated people commenting on it all the time. I'd have loved to have been one of 3 Claire's or something.

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