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Discussion in 'Weaning' started by Toni.C, Jun 14, 2015.

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    Alfie is a few days off of 17 weeks old. So today I thought I'd give him a little taster of baby rice.

    He loved it! He was moving it round his mouth, pulling lots of faces and getting very excited when he swallowed it! Lots of kicking and gurgling. I thought I'd do this before his feed so he had a few spoonfuls and then had his usual bottle.

    Now I know it's early days and for the next few weeks it's getting use to tastes, but when do you drop a bottle and replace it with a meal? For example do you eventually replace his morning bottle and he has baby rice instead? Do I keep offering both? I know we are a very long way off this.

    He currently has about 5 7oz bottles a day (formula fed) and has no night feed (sleeps 9-9 and hasn't had/woke for a night feed since about 5/6 weeks old!)

    Any weaning advice would be appreciated.
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    Keep breakfast and dinner bottles until either they choose to drop them or they're over 1 and it can be replaced with cow's milk. As for the rest of the bottles, they will gradually take less and less with each mealtime. We were told to offer bottle then food at all meals which was a disaster - it resulted in a screaming, crying meltdown when we offered the food as he had already filled up on milk. We gave a breakfast bottle first and then breakfast, with the rest it was all food first and then bottle. We have only recently stopped the morning and evening bottles because he refused to take them and instead prefers a sippy cup of cow's milk. He is 1 on Sunday and started weaning at 6 months old.

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    Hey Toni C, I recognise you from the Jan/Feb mummies thread!
    My baby is 19 weeks old and I started him on some baby porridge and purée at 17 weeks. I have read up a lot and I used to work with HV's in NHS.
    I started off giving same amount of bottles and giving the food in between feeds as it's just a taste (first week just porridge) then started offering purée (Ella's kitchen) at same time second week.

    I give him 2 try's a day morning and evening which suits him fine. I have no routine with it at the moment as I just see it as an extension of his exploring. At 6mt I will start more of a routine with giving more things and having a routine.

    So answer to your question is- keep offering both milk and the foods, even though my boy is having 2 meals a day he has same amount of milk as he needs calories in the milk. Eventually they will drop a feed or start drinking less of their milk that's being offered. Xxxx

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