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vagina prolapse any advice welcome!


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Aug 12, 2006
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i think i have one or at least the start of one. ive looked up the different types and i think i have a bowel and bladder one.
ive been uncomfortable down there-feels like after i had nathan that heavy aching feeling. ive gone off sex cos it doesnt feel right and im getting really concious of it. i had a look and it looks odd and the walls are puffing out?
has anyone else had one?
will they give me surgery although it isnt bulging out its bugging me?
im gonna mention it to my midwife cos i imagine its gonna be worse after this baby especially if it is as big.
feel really sorry for myself :cry:
I don't know anything about it sorry, but wanted to send hugs :hug:

Sorry for that useless post, but didn't want to leave you hanging.. x
my mum had one, her womb prolapsed pretty bad it was visible when she stood up she said. she ended up having a hysterectomy :(

maybe things down there are just swollen and pressurised coz ur pregnant, and might resume normality after the birth?
when i was pregnant i thought i was permanently disfigured coz i had a big ugly varicose vein down there- but its completely disappeared now.

mention it 2 ur MW anyway, hopefully she'll reassure u :hug:
If its still the same after then its worth getting it checked out. My mums just had the op 2 months ago. She had a hysterectomy 15 years ago and everything just fell down. She said she had a big lump sticking out and she used to wee herself all the time. She had a bladder prolapse and it was a pretty simple op.

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