Typical day for a 6/7 month old

Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by jennifer1981, Feb 5, 2009.

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    What is/was your day when your baby was 6/7 months?

    Im struggling to keep him entertained all day (especially when weather has been so bad).

    WE have lots of playtime with his toys, he rolls about and tries to crawl but goes backwards, he goes in his walker, we read his books together, have a dance and a sing(!) and (weather permitting) we go for a walk, started him on some finger foods so he has a go at them in his high chair.. Other than that I cant think what we could do in the house? Do you have any good ideas/toys that you use?

    Iv enrolled in the childrens' centre by mine and am going to start taking him to musical minis class and baby group as well but it's in the house i struggle with.
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    Mine is a little older so here's what I remember being effective a couple of months ago.

    Door bouncer - absolute hit!

    Baby TV channel when needing some down time. At first I felt a but bad but I only use it when he needs to begin winding down or have some quiet time and it is soooo effecetive at calming down. If you don't have sky then a Baby Einstein DVD would be ideal.

    Play Gym - I'm sure you have one already.

    Pram - I used to bring him in the push chair into the kitchen while I cooked and he would happily play with a wooden spoon or crackly plastic bags while I listened to the radio. Sometimes I would just park him by the window where he could watch the trees blowing in the wind.

    I think those are all of my tricks for entertaining him with the least effort from me so I could get on. The rest of the time I played with him one on one.

    Have fun,

    Becs x x
  3. abcd1234

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    We have the same problem, she just crawls around the living room atm and screams at times cos she's a bit bored.

    Mondays she gets to play with other children and a CM's
    Tuesday or Thursday we go to a net mums meet
    Wednesday we do water babies
    and Friday we do sing and sign

    I also try and put her sing and sign DVD on for her and try and involve her in stuff i'm doing, but i'm still finding it hard especially as her favourite things involve climbing or trying to eat plugs or other electrical equipment atm

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