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Aug 10, 2005
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Charlie found his thumb yesterday and since then it's always in his mouth! OH worries about this and thinks it will make his thumb short and stubby, should I be worried???
I sucked my thumb for years as a child a friend that i kno did too lol! There is nothing to worry about and it certainly doesnt make your thumb shorter, well it didnt mine anyway lol! My mum did have trouble trying to stop me sucking it tho!
I sucked my thumb until I was about 10. The only problem with it is that it can affect the way their teeth come through.
My HV told me that if Phoebe starts sucking her thumb then I should introduce a dummy instead as dummies do not affect their teeth.
In all honesty though I wouldn't worry too much. I never needed a brace or anything and my teeth are healthy!!
Sorry just have to butt in here. I sucked my thumb until I was 14 and since I found out I was pregnant I cant help my self at night but to suck my thumb again! Sad I know. My sister is 26 and she has done it all her life and she has the most perfect teeth I have ever seen. Just thought I would let you know my experience although dont have my L/O yet.
Hi Lucy

I let kieran (10) suck his thumb big mistake. his teeth are awful, completely changed the shape of his mouth. he is waiting to hve a brace now. my niece (9) stil does it and she gets abcesses in her muth because of it. caused her to hve a tooth removed, 7 injections in her mouth later it still was a problem to extract.

my advice Lucy is dont let them suck their thumbs. causes nasty breath as well.


I sucked my thumb till my teens and my teeth are perfectly straight. I used to rub my eye with one finder though and in all my school photos when I was young I had a red little spot in the corner of my eye where I rubbed it so much! I overheard a midwife at the hospital telling a new mum to try and encourage thumb sucking as its easier for parents if a baby can comfort itself without having to struggle with dummy in dummy out while trying to get them off to sleep.

Isaac studies his thumb which is very sweet :)


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