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Sep 2, 2005
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carey has found his thumb and when he cries if i put his thumb near his mouth it really calms him down. a few people have seen me 'giving' him his thumb and said im starting bad habits that will be hard to get him out off.

i was just wondering how many other people are letting their babies suck their thumb or are you trying to pull it away from them?

You are lucky I can't have Rubie's hands out of her mittens cos she scratches herself so badly. I wish she could suck her thumb (rather than a dummy, hich she wont have anyway) but it's impossible lol
braydon is addicted to his thumb/fingers/fist lol as long as his happy im happy :) cant be no different to a dummy lol
I've been wondering this too as Brody has found his thumb recently. So far I'm OK with it, it settles him and I really don't want to give him a dummy if I can help it.
Seren is always sucking on her fists or my boobs!!!! People keep telling me to give her a dummy but I haven't done yet, though when she is crying it is so tempting!!

I was a thumb sucker, mind you I did it till I was 13. Still wish I could get away with it now :D
Aimee has found her hands this last couple of weeks and her thumb if she can manage to get it in. I have given her a dummy but she prefers to suck her thumb. I was worring about letting her suck her thumb cos it can be harder to get them out of the habit!
Oscar is a very sucky baby and if not booby, it's fists and fingers. He'll definitely discover his thumb soon and I think it's quite cute....
however, I will not be encouraging it. I do think it'll cause problems in the long run. It's always easier to get rid of dummies than thumbs. He has a couple of dummies, but seldom sucks on them. He spits them out, but if he's really troubled, he'll have a go.

Do what suits you though Ami! Neither is wrong.
Emilia xx
I sucked my thumb til my teens it never did me any harm :wink:
as long as they r quite let them suck their thumb
Jack often sucks his fist! He has a dummy (said I would never give him one!! :oops: ) he doesnt always use his dummy and it doesnt always work. I think if it soothes them, especially if they are fighting sleep, Jack always does, then let them do it.

I have to confess I was born with my finger in my mouth (mum had to have a c section as my elbow was stuck out!!!) I actually still do it sometimes!!! :oops: I know , I know, but it comforts me and I dont know Im doing it!!!
Riley is very happy sucking his fist, I think it is fine, better than a dummy (I use one in emergencies like lack of sleep), I think it is good that he as lernt to do it on his own and it is better than him and me getting in a state!
Babies can be seen on scans sucking their thumbs in the womb, so it's a natural calming relex for them :) yaay !

It's more natural than dummies and people use them to calm their babies too so go for it :)

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