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think i did too much


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Apr 26, 2007
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im feeling totally rubbish today, yesterday i went shopping in the morning with OH, and came home and cleaned n tidied for a couple of hours whilst he was out. then walked the dog for an hour.

It was no huge strain i didnt feel tired or like i was over doing it but last night i didnt go to bed til 12 cos i just wasnt tired but when i did it took me ages to get to sleep 1. because i still didnt feel tired 2. because i was aching from the neck down! i've never ached like it before, and now this morning i have a headache, sore neck and my feet are the size of pillows! (slight exaggeration lol but they are huge)

sorry for the moan, its all i seem to do at the moment!
think you just gave urself the advise there.. u need to rest..!
lol, thats exactly what im doing, was meant to be going to visit friends today but im just staying in, havent even done my make-up yet and thats unusual for me.

i justa cant ebelive its knocked me for six like this, i didnt feel like i was working too hard, im usually good at listening to my body but i must've missed it completely yesterday
I know how you feel. I think we are used to still feeling ok cos we are just out of Tri 2 and I felt great during most of the second tri. I tend to forget now that Im nearly 7 months preggers and need to take it easy a bit more. Im exhausted today too but unfortunately Ive had to come into work. :x
Im yawning that hard that Ive got tears coming down me face!! I cant wait to get to bed tonight. Working a 6 day week is not good when your this far gone!
Put your feet up and take it easy lady. :hug:

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