Symptoms fading at 10 weeks????????


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Feb 12, 2008
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Back again with another stressy question... i know i need to relax!

I am almost 10 weeks pregnant. We saw the hb on a ultrasound a 6 and 8 weeks and I have been very sick for the whole tri 1. My signs have started to fade though. Could it be that I am approaching 12 weeks and my signs are weakening ?

Is anyone else feeling better at 10 weeks?

I have my next appointment at 13 will be hard to wait
From about 8 weeks onwards your signs normally fade as the placenta is taking over so your body is dealing with it better.
I still have sore boobs and get a lil tired but apart from that the sickness has faded and i feel great.
So you sound compleatly normal :hug:
All sounds normal otherwise you would spend the whole 9 months feeling like pap :hug:
Hi hun as the other girls said your placenta is taking over so your hormone levels are calming down. I feel so full of energy at the moment now that my cold has gone its great even my boobs don't hurt anymore!!! Most women feel better in the 3rd month and all or some symptoms start to fade it all sounds good hun!
im 10 weeks today and my sickness symptoms have been almost non existant today for the 1st time ever! Scared to do too much though in case the come back, not been moving about too quickly etc LOL Im hoping come next week they'll be gone! HAve my scan on monday and cant wait for the reassurance that all is okay, fingers arms and legs crossed! SOOOOOO Nervous.
thanks guys- good to have some reassurance....
Hey Cluck, im 10 weeks too and im feeling alot better, nausea not totally gone but much, much improved! So your definately 'normal' :rotfl:
Hey try not to worry xxx

But if it is worring you, please call your midwife , and im sure they could reassure you , had had quite a few scans early on, and they were very reassuring.

xxx :hug:

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