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I've not watched it recently but I used to.

Eye candy!!!!!

Haha I've been watching all the series on putlocker, I'm on series 6 now, only 5 more to go to catch up. And hell yes I know... Dean.... oooooph xx
My partner put it on.. he loves it.. it caught my eye. I was like "whose he?" " that's Dean Sam's brother"

Oh I like Dean.
Haven't stopped watching it since. Xx
Sometimes I Google him and just look at his pictures! Lol!

It's a brilliant series though.

Haha don't blame ya, he is a work of art lol. Plus yanno, the storyline is good haha xx
Yes, I marathoned the first 5 or 6 seasons on Netflix, then watched 7 and 8 as they aired, but found 9 too hard to follow in installments so went back to watching the whole series over a few weeks on Netflix.
Going to do the same with the current series.

I preferred seasons 2-4 though when they were focused mainly on killing supernatural things and less so the newer seasons with more emphasis on the angels etc.
I prefer episodes where they head off to some random part of the country to 'kill' something ghostly etc. lol.
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Yes exactly. I know what you mean, I'm on series 6 and loved it more when they went round doing little supernatural mysteries. Now it's more about heaven an he'll and I certainly think they brought Lucifer Into it to soon. He is the ultimate evil so should of been more to the end or a definite finale xx
I haven't got to the new series yet but I'm pretty sure I know where it's heading. I'm at the bit here Sam has lost his soul (I'm guess his lost it and it's in he'll still) xx
I watched the 1st few seasons it was good, then it went down hill a bit..
Quit it after season 9, but the show became unbearable after season 5 or so
Oh, I tired of them for the second season. But their impala is still great :)

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