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Stopping time....


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Jun 24, 2007
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Has anyone discovered how to stop time, yet? It's just rushing away and I need more! :)

It doesn't seem 2 minutes since I found out I was pregnant and now I'm in 2nd trimester and soon s/he'll be here! I've got too much to do before then!

I need to stop time...just for a month or so.... :D :cheer:
I agree time does fly it goes really quick in 2nd tri compared to tri 1 ive heard tri 3 drags a bit.

I am so excited about this baby i cant wait till April to meet her.
i agree aswell cant belive ive been in 2nd tri for 9 weeks already friday only got 5 weeks left here eeeeeeppppp :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
manda xx
Yeah it does only feel like 5 minutes since i was 12 weeks, but i'm ready to have the baby now, really can't wait for it to be April
I can't wait for April to arrive! Xmas just seems like an inconvenience thats in the way this year.
So true mm...Christmas does feel inconvenient now...spending money on gifts when we should be saving for our LO...lol. And it's just not in my head now - of course the shopping malls tell me otherwise!

I can't wait til April - or May - my due date's April 30 but I wish she came just a few weeks sooner.
I am quite happy for time to slow down a bit now. I am looking forward to meeting baby but I have just realised I am in double figures and is scaring me how unprepared I actually am. We have hardly bought anything yet, the bedroom which will be baby's looks like a bomb has hit it and I am terrified of moving into tri 3 :?
i cant wait to meet my baby and have lazy summer days in the park
don't worry - time stops completely when you get to tri3! I've been on maternity leave for 2whole days now and i'm BORED!!
I totally agree with the Christmas thing, I can't be bothered going round town getting all the pressies :(

I used to be such a Chrismassy person too!

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