Stephens been diagnosed officially

Discussion in 'Kids Health' started by mrs_tommo22, Jan 17, 2008.

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    We had the feedback meeting on a Tuesday, and the Health visitor was there and ocupational therepist, portage, community peadiatricin and the community nurse was there as well as well as sally and karen who run the pre school stephen goes too. So quite a turn out.

    We were there a good hour or so and everyone agrees that he has autistic spectrum and will need help and therepy but eveyone has high hopes for him as sinc christmas his speech has improved a lot.

    The pre school though have been given the go ahead to apply for extra funding for a new assisitant as Stephen needs one to one and there going to keep Karen with him as he knows her and trusts her (he kept sittng on her lap during the meeting and my hv as well!!! he adores her!) So thats great news and he will have a helper at school as well when he starts this year.

    The peadiatrician also said not too worry about him not being potty trained and if hes in nappies at school they will have someone there that can change him and if hes in them at four I can apply for free nappies - but im praying that he will be sorted before then.

    But at least i can apply for a few things to help stephen out and arrange for some music lessons.
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    hi hun i supported a little boy with autism at the school where i worked and he was in nappies till year one and then all of a sudden he came out of them, if i were you i would just make sure that his statemented hours are just going to be used for him because they dont have to be anymore, they can be pooled and used for any children in the school as long as your son has support for his hours it could be as part of a group it doesnt have to be just for him if that makes sence, if it doesnt pm me and i will explain better :hug:

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