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Jul 5, 2018
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Hi everyone,
sorry if i bore you but here it goes.
We are currently in a small 3 bed house and not in any position to move right now, hopefully 2020 will be the year we can move. We have 1 average bedroom which is mine and partners and 2 SMALL rooms, they are both box size, litrally beds and drawers in them and a couple of toys piled up. It isnt good.
Im stressed about how were going to fit the baby in, my ds is almost 10 so the baby will have to go in with my step daughter who is 6. I know it will be in with us at first but in wondering if anyone hs any storage solutions or they same problem and what you did?
Im going to replace the kids beds with ottomon ones so most of their stuff can go under them.

Are the smaller wooden compact cots just as good? If we remove drawers we should be able to squeeze it in their room. Fingers crossed for a girl to make life easier x
I wouldn’t worry too much Stacey. You just make do. One of my best friends was in was in the process of selling their 2 bed & buying a 3 bed when she found out she was pregnant with her third baby last year. She’s got a 4 year old boy, a 16 month old girl & a newborn girl. The house fell through & now she’s remaining in the 2 bed until they can source another 3 bed. Babies in with her & the other 2 are in the other room. She’s says it’s complete madness & by no means how she planned it but they just make it work. Kids don’t care where they are as long as they are loved. You just make do with what you have :) I’d say as long as the 10 year old has his space still because he’s older & needs it more. As you said baby will be in with you for a while so the little girl will still have her own room for a while. Ottomans are good for storage but you find they are chunkier beds for that purpose. I find shelves are always good for adding extra storage. Books, little toys, lamps etc & just de clutter as often as possible. Every few months I go through all the kids toys & clothes & whatever they don’t use goes to charity shops because I can’t stand having too much stuff. You’ll be fine, don’t worry to much. Once baby is here you prob won’t even care at first as you’ll be in your little baby/family bubble :)
My baby will be rocking up while DH and I still live in a 1 bedroom apartment. We can't move until our lease is up in August and even then we can only afford a 2 bedroom apartment as we live outside of the UK in a city where rents are just insane.

There are a lot of beds with storage built in and ways to manage, ikea do cots with drawers underneath and they have some fab beds for older kids with storage built in and desks. And if you get into Marie Kondo you can just chuck most stuff out anyway! Probably not a good idea to mix her book with nesting hormones!
I'm in a 2 bed house, already have 9 year old and 1 year old boys sharing a room and I'm 16 weeks pregnant. I'm so stressed out about it. I have a box room with window but not big enough for a bed, my plan is to get my box room extended and put 9 yr old in there and have the 2 little ones sharing. Going to buy a king size ottoman bed for my room to store everything which is currently in box room (sheets, blankets, clothes etc) as there seems to be a LOT more room in them than the beds with drawers underneath. Also going to get a single ottoman bed for my son's new room and kallax style units with canvass boxes for his toys etc as they are great space savers. I say all of this but I've no idea where to start with the box room or how much it's going to cost to get it extended :( x
I'm having a similar panic
We technically in a 3 bed, but the box room is packed full of stuff that we have no other place for. Both my husband and I need a desktop computer for work so we need to keep the desk in there, but that leaves nowhere for the new baby.
We already have a 2 year old in her own room, and even that is too small for all her things. I know baby will sleep with us for 1st few months, but then what?! I don't see how I can put a baby in with a toddler and expect either of them to sleep. Nor can I see us being able to move before baby arrives.

I feel trapped :(
In a very similar position. We are in a 3 bed property, the main bedroom is a decebt size but an odd shape so it makes positioning furniture a nightmare. We've currently declutteres our 5 door wardrobe and will downsizing to a 3 door so that we have a little more space for a space saver cot. We have a large cupboard on the landing full of crap. We will be decluttering that, will pop in a set of draws and shelves and that will be babies wardrobe.

Our other two rooms and a little bigger than a box room but that have my 15yr old, and 5yr old. No way I can make them share. And my baby is a girl so I don't feel I can make my 5yr old share with his baby sister either.

So baby will be in with us until at least next Xmas if not longer!

In terms of storage/gaining space in your kids bedrooms. Have you consider mid/high sleepers? Alot of them come with good storage underneath the beds such as wardrobes, draws, desks etc. So you'll get bed and clothes storage effectively in one area, meaning you can take out the draws and fit a cot?

Or goodle IKEA midsleeper hack. Lots of people have converted there midsleeper to double midsleeper which can hold a cot! I'll see if I can get a pic...
The midsleeper would be ideal for your 6 year old to be able to share with baby.

And the highsleeper would be good for your older child to give them more floor space.

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We have 4 kids in a tiny 2-bedroom house. Less than 1000 sq feet. 3 kids share a room baby is in bed with us. We manage. We have everything we need and we know 99% of the world lives in way tinier houses with no amenities. That perspective keeps me going until we can buy a bigger house in a couple years... it’s all doable!

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