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Mar 16, 2008
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My poor baby has a sore neck :( I'm not sure what it is. It started as a rash on her face, which the HV told me was normal and to just put E45 cream on if it looked very dry. So I did this and it seemed to clear up on her face (although we still have the odd dry scaly bit). Anyhow, it's now spread to her neck and all the creases of her neck look red and sore :( We still have little bits of rash on the back of her neck and chest area. Here are some pics:



I've been cleaning the area thoroughly with water and cotton wool, and this morning I put a bit of vaseline on it just to be sure it's not irritated by milk or chafing from her clothes. It looks so dreadful, I just wondered if anyone knew what it is? I'm wondering if it is eczema? She doesn't appear to have it anywhere else on her body though...

Hi hon, please dont worry...babies get sore in their wee creases all the time...the neck crease collects dribbles/milk etc as well as sweat and because Isla wont be lifting her head at the moment it doesnt get a chance to air and dry.

Just keep washing it with water/cotton wool and make sure its really dry, then pop on some sudocreme or if you have it lansinoh (nipple stuff if you have it as it lets the skin breathe too). Make sure you remove any wet bibs etc.

Its an ongoing battle with those cursed neck folds...esp as they HATE having them cleaned.
Try not to worry its quite normal, it will eventually go just keep doing what you are doing with cleaning and vaseline.
Poor Isla :( :hug: Might it be worth putting some nappy rash cream on it too (although Vasaline is a barrier cream too, isn't it?).

On a related note, I often eat dinner whilst feeding Oscar and have to de-crumb his neck crevice after I finish :oops: :D
:hug: :hug: Awwww Ivy's neck went like that last week too. Its so hard to make sure all the little creases are dry after baths and feeds and stuff. I put a bit of sudocream on it and it had cleared up after a couple of days. I'm amazed at how fast babys skin recovers from nappy rash and things like this. :hug:
Thanks girls :hug:

I put sudocream on Isla's neck last night, and vaseline on it this morning....looks a bit less angry. Hopefully it will clear up in a few days...poor Isla!

C xxx
:hug: TO Isla from Esme she had a little bit of this last week but it cleared nicely after a few days of cream, luckily we were in a health food shop/cafe at the time so got some lovely weleda cream to sort it out.

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