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somebody has kidnapped my angel


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Sep 4, 2007
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Well I think somebody has definitely swapped by perfect sleep to the nasty horrible nighttime waker. She used to be so good at night time going down at 7pm and waking when I woke her or between 10am and 11 at the latest now however she's being a nightmare to settle, wakes 2 or more times during the night and sometimes like tonight wakes and won't go back to sleep for hours and it's driving me insane. I can't just leave her cry because like me she doesnt do things by half she'll scream the place down and my walls are thin so I have to consider my neighbours and my husband has to be up for work at 6am so I need to consider him as well but at the same time I need to consider me especially as tonight I had a faint positive pregnancy test and if I dont sleep thats not going to be good for baby. Help!!!!

Is she feeling ill at all?? teething ?? nething like that
Kiara had a bad week and i was up for hours with her but she was a wee bit ill nothing major but enough to make her not sleep during the whole 24 hours she slept 9 hours which she usually sleeps 12 at night and 1-2 during the day .
I hope you can come to a solution and congrats on your test !!
What's her nighttime routine? Is she in a bed or cot? Does she have milk before bed or when you've put her to bed? Is she ill or teething?

Don't worry about the lack of sleep affecting your pregnancy, the baby will be fine as lots of women have to deal with lack of sleep and stressful circumstances whilst pregnant. The only detrimental affect will be on you if she's still doing it when you're going through the real tired/puking bit.

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