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Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by Rachiexo, Sep 3, 2016.

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    I know there is probably heaps of posts like this but I was looking for direct replies... Sorry if this is annoying I have never joined up to a forum before :oooo:

    So, my periods are around the same date every month, I came off my implant about 2 years ago as I didn't feel it was agreeing with me and just felt healthier about myself not being on anything, and since then me and my partner have just been "careful" :whistle: but maybe getting a little less careful and just in a bid that if it happens its ment to be!

    Anyway, I have missed my period this month, I don't know the ins and outs about my cycle as I've never felt like I had to, I just know it comes between the 26-28th every month! This month it's not came at all, meaning it is about 5 days late... Minimum. I have taken 3 different brands of pregnancy tests on different days and they have been negative.

    I work nightshift and trying to find a time when I haven't drank a lot of water/coffee is pretty hard :shock:

    But surely the higher brand tests would detect it by now? If I was.

    The only symptoms I can think of is my hunger has gotten out of control, about an hour after I eat I feel so hungry that I feel a bit dizzy and sick until I eat again.

    Also I have been getting this weird feeling in my tummy, it's not where you would get period pains it's about around my belly button, feels a bit like a pulling or tensing in feeling, it's not sore it's just uncomfortable! Has anyone experienced this?

    Although we haven't been actively trying every negative test seems a little more disappointing, especially to my partner who has been wanting a baby for a couple of years now.

    Can anyone shed light on this? Could I be pregnant? Am I just over thinking things? Has anyone been through anything similar?

    Thanks a lot for any help you might give, in advance! I appreciate it! :kiss:
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    Have you tested with your first morning wee? thats normally the best time to test. If you're really insure go to the doctors. They can send a sample away to be tested. Thats what they had to do for me.
    As for symptoms, i was convinced i was pregnant this month cos i had similar symptoms to you but then my period came. Everyones different and every pregnancy it different. Everyone says about having sore boobs, I carried my baby for 27weeks and never had sore boobs.
    Not sure that helps really but didn't want to read and run lol

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