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So Tired


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Aug 17, 2007
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Is anyone else exhausted i dont know if its xmas and not being at work so being out of my rountine had anything to do with it but im so tired all the time.

Im back to work tomorrow so hopefully once things are back to normal i will feel ok again as im struggling to function and get through the day at the mo even though ive not been doing much. :sleep: :sleep:
i feel the same hun, dunno how im gonna manage at work 2moro :?
i've been feeling tired. Proabably linked to not doing much and eating too much choccy
me too! Im a sleepy bunny :sleep: :sleep: :sleep: I havent been to work for AGES so tommorrow is going to be a mission! :?

I can only do a few hours then I have a nap else I get all histerical and spazzy :roll:
I am literally only awake for 10 hours a day at the moment - my husband worked it out yesterday as I sleep for at least 12 hours each night and then have a 2 hour kip in the afternoon :shock:

How on EARTH am I going to cope back at work when I'm back on 15 hour days? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! :wall:
i do nothing but rest at the moment
im hoping when hubby goes back to work tomorrow it might kick start me into doing things but i doubt it
just feel sooo drained even though ive done nothing
manda xx
Tillytots: "hysterical and spazzy" :rotfl:

That's me too when I haven't slept for a bit :shock:
Im on the go all day, even when the kids go to bed, so i think thats why
im tired all the time :D
I have had days where i felt as if i need to collape in to heep, and ive had a few mid day naps i just couldn't stay awake. I guess we just have to learn to pase ourselves and slow down more. Not easy when you are working i know though i feel sleepy on days when im off to. I'm back to work tommorow AAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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