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so ashamed of my dd advice needed please


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May 4, 2006
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i took Hannah to playgroup this morning, she is USUALLY really good with sharing but this morning she wanted to play with the play dooh and she pulled a lo of the chair and he hit is face on the floor and cut all his mouth, well i was so ashamed i apologised to the mum put her caot on and brought her home, she has been on the naughty mat since and i have never stopped crying any advice ladies what u think i should do regarding her and playgroup ty
I'm guessing it was a one off
I think you did exactly the right thing by bringing her home
I'd take her again next week or whenever and just tell her you will come straight back home again if she is mean ( or whatever word you want to use)
If she hurts someone or takes a toy away ignore her and focus on the other child.
There is not a great deal more you can do than what you have done and at this sge it is diffuclt to know exactly how much they understnad

Don't get yourself too upset by it, it is something every child does at some point.
They are very bloody minded and if they want something they will get it!!
I go to a lot of playgroups, this is what I think when someone's child hits Brody:
As long as the parent does what they can discipline wise, eg, saying sorry, giving back the toy they snatched etc I don't mind at all... these things happen and all kids go through that phase.
What REALLY bothers me is when one child is really violent and unruly and the parent just shrugs it off.
This morning at toddler group a boy really roughly snatched a toy off Brody (they had a brief tug-of-war which Brody lost) the mom just watched then let her son sit on her lap and keep the toy he snatched from Brody! How annoying! and what does that teach Brody!?

As long as you do what you can, don't stress over it...

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