silent Reflux/bad wind or something else??

Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by Emma.b, Jul 17, 2013.

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    Dec 30, 2011
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    Hi ladies i need opinions please.

    I'm at my wits end with H and how to help him :(

    He has some sort of digestive problem i think but i'm not sure if its really bad wind a touch of reflux or just me being tired and over analyzing things. So honest opinions please.

    I'll give you a list of typical symptoms/behaviours and you tell me what you think.

    *Terrible wind in guts (to the point were you can hear/feel it bubbling)
    *fussing over bottle (shakes head as if to get rid of bottle, so take it way and then he screams for it back)
    *moans/whins/cries whilst feeding
    *seems hungry all the time constantly has hands in mouth or what every else he can get near mouth.
    *Dribbles after feeds (white, thick froathy)
    *sometimes cries when passing wind
    *Poo's are yellow/greeny and still very loose (slightly thicker than water)
    *Poo's and bottom wind stinks!!
    *Has began licking everything (not sure if thats related or if he just likes to taste random things?)
    *Hiccups at least once a day and usually after a feed
    *Throws himself about when i try to wind him (probably not related, he's just being a monkey)
    *Cries in sleep (high pitched)
    *Will not nap in the day unless he's laid over my chest, upright.
    *gips and gags even when nothing is in his mouth

    Thats about all i can think of at the min he's not really overly sick though which i know is a main sign of reflux and he's gaining weight rapidly he went from 75th percentile to 91st percentile in 2 weeks?! He's 6+4 weeks and weighs 12lb 9oz was born at 8lb 7oz.

    To top it off his immediate paternal side all some sort of a digestive problem. His uncle and grandad has crones, his aunty has I.B.S, his nanna is celiac, and his dad suffers terrible acid and has tried 3 different types of prescribed meds. So as you can see i have reason to worry, but am i over worrying? Need opinions before i take my baby and long list to the doctors. lol


    x x x
  2. russellmuscle

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    Feb 13, 2012
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    Hey hun, Jackson had this from about 3-4 weeks Old till about 8w when he started sleeping through.

    He would cry at the teat. Belly rumbling. Hard tummy, discomfort when going. It took time and back and forward visits but he eventually got diagnosed with silent reflux & constipation due to the over eating to sooth the discomfort in his tummy.

    Jackson was giving me dirty nappies so I assumed he wasn't constipated but I realised the loose stools and extended belly plus rumbling & discomfort so that was constipation. Sometimes to help that I'd give 2oz of cool boiled water.

    He was eating 5oz every 3 hours then cry alll night, I couldn't put him down he would just cry it was awful.

    I eventually had to cut his food because 5oz every 3h is like almost doubt a day. I just gave him food depending on how many hours he had went and worked it an oz an hour.

    Eventually he started goin 3-4h and taking a normal amount.

    I got gaviscon & lactulose but no gaviscone in stock for ages so ended up doing it my way.

    Also, jackson was on SMA gold, we changed him to all diff milks, c&g comfort, reflux, in the end I moved him to c&g stage 1 and not had a problem since! See what works best for u. I used to get two fingers and put a small bit of pressure on his tummy and gently massage round and round or when he was upright I'd always be rubbing his back slowly and patting firmly just to make sure the wind was up.

    First few times my hv&doc put it down to him being a baby but I knew when something was off, so pester them if need be!

    We tried infacol, coleif, gripe, diff milks, bottles, the lot.

    Hope bub is ok it is horrible when u can't help.

  3. littlemonkey

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    Aug 30, 2012
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    A lot of what you've written sounds like my son. He's four months and we recently found out he has reflux when he stopped taking his milk. He was doing as you described crying when trying to feed, arching his back etc. I initially put his behaviour in his early days down to just being fussy or colic and he seemed to settle after about 8 weeks. But then he started refusing feeds about 3 months. If you feel something isn't right, go to the doctors just to make sure and put your mind at ease.
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    Harry had terrible colic for the first 7 weeks. If he was awake, he was crying/screaming! We tried all different milks and in the end Aptamil 1st milk in Dr Brown's bottles with infacol actually inside every feed worked! Also vigourously winding him over our shoulders helped lots. He also only liked sleeping in my shoulder or over my legs so we laid him on his tummy to sleep at 2 weeks and he's slept like that ever since much to the HV's protests but she didn't have to get up with him every 20mins at night!! I'm not suggesting you do it but it worked for us x
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    It sounds like both, silent reflux and colic. Just because you have one, doesn't mean you can't have the other as well. I would see your GP, who can give you something for the reflux and try coleif (you can get this on prescription if it works as it's very expensive to buy) or infacol for the wind. If he has colic he's likely to grow out of it soon, but the reflux can persist for longer.

    There's an outside chance it's cows milk/cows milk protein allergy, but that's very rare. Try the obvious answers first.

    I don't think you need to worry, but there's clearly something bothering him and you/he don't need to put up with it.
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  6. Tanya4beauty

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    Def sounds like reflux to me. Mia had pretty much all the same things but also was sick after every feed. We had gaviscon (didn't work), ranitidine and domperidone which I don't think did a lot either. Only thing that seems to help was switching her to ready made milk which is apparently easier to digest. She pretty much stopped being sick from the day we fed her on it but it took a while to discover and a lot of wasted milk powders!!
    See your gp if you're worried as if left they can start refusing feeds (Mia did or would only take an oz).

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